About Katie

Information about artist Katie Smith from the Isle of Bute, Scotland and now residing in Madrid, Spain. 

About Katie


Katie Smith, working under the alias KatieBute, is an artist and textile designer based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Katie´s formal education began at school on the Isle of Bute, where she began to take interest in painting and illustration. And, though an easily distracted student herself, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Textile Design with Honours from Heriot-Watt University, formerly the Scottish College of Textiles, where she gained experience in woven and knitted textiles before specialising in printed textiles.

She is inspired by a variety of sources, chiefly the skill of drawing and painting in a detailed and exhaustive manner. Discovering all possibilities is an important aspect of her method; working closely with subject matter ensuring all qualities are captured and then translated onto paper or fabric.

In 2016, Katie made the move to Madrid, Spain and quickly gained a footprint in the city´s galleries and exhibitions as well as in wider Spain.

2019 sees Katie making the move to Zurich, Switzerland where she will continue to paint and present her work in an exciting art market.

KatieBute has art exhibited in galleries throughout the West Coast of Scotland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Katie can be contacted for commissions or inquiries via her contact page.